Linux on the Shuttle XPC SN85G4

SuSE Linux 9.0

SuSE Linux 9.0 installs fine on the SN85G4. However, I wasn't able to use the SATA RAID yet. You may want to use a IDE harddisk.

nForce Network Interface

A SuSE support database article describes how to install the nvnet driver. When configuring the network device, tell YaST to use the nvnet driver.

Card Reader

The card reader works out of the box. The card devices are /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2. The default mount points are /media/sda1 and /media/sdb1.

WLAN Adapter PN11

Install the latest linux-wlan-ng driver from Make sure to remove the prism2_usb.o drivers installed by SuSE 9.0. Configure the wlan0 interface and use the prism2_usb driver.

SuSE Linux 9.1

Things improved with SuSE 9.1. The nForce network interface is supported directly, no special driver installation is necessary.

It also looks like the PN11 WLAN adapter is supported by kernel 2.6 now, but I didn't have the time to test it yet.

SuSE Linux 9.2

Things are working nicely. However the installer forced me to use the x86-64 packages which I didn't do before.

SuSE Linux 9.3

Again, things are working smoothly.

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